State Council issued a document to accelerate the development of express industry

along with the development of cross regional markets and the Internet economy continues to heat up, the courier industry also worth double, has become a major positive market. Development of express logistics industry, effective for China’s innovation and entrepreneurship development.

views will let the courier industry harvest real good, a number of bottlenecks affecting the development is expected to break through. For example, the current one according to the site requirements, so that each courier points need to be equipped with a separate license and financial system, greatly increasing the operating costs of the courier company. If the implementation of a multi site, not only can reduce the cost of distribution, but also help to expand the scale.

opinion issued not only express industry good. During the two sessions this year, Premier Li Keqiang said in answer to questions from Chinese and foreign reporters, I am very willing to advertise for new formats such as online shopping, courier and e-commerce. Because it greatly moved employment, creating jobs, but also to stimulate consumption, people tend to be enthusiastic online consumption is relatively high. Opinions also indicate that the State Council Development of the courier industry is designed to further invigorate the circulation, stimulating domestic demand, serving the public entrepreneurship, innovation, foster a new growth point of modern service industry".

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