Jay Chou v number one case won 80 thousand won public apology

Jay Chou sued WeChat public number case results released, Jay Chou won and won 80 thousand yuan, the defendant will be an online public apology statement. In June last year, WeChat public number micro show life in WeChat, said Jay Chou as a traitor to Japan, was a protest and prosecution of the Party of Jay Chou.

concern to the public, WeChat star Jay Chou "micro life show" case after more than 8 months, finally results. Today morning, Legal Evening News "reporter learned from the Chaoyang Court, the court held that" micro life business show "in Beijing and the book constitutes infringement and libel, a trial for Jay Chou economic loss and mental solatium 80 thousand yuan.

2015 in June 4th, Jay Chou published an article found a WeChat public number in Beijing and founded the micro calligraphy show of life ", the article is filled with" Japanese traitor "and" traitor "and" shit "and" shifty-eyed "and a series of offensive words. Jay Chou said that the article in order to attract attention, but also by the Japanese traitors Jay Chou, he is a traitor, Jay Chou denied that he is Chinese this argument. Jay Chou believes that this is a flagrant fabrication of facts and malicious insults, vilify and trample their personality, to discredit its image, the fantastic and absurd.

the trial, the plaintiff Jay Chou did not appear in court, the court appointed two lawyers. According to the judge of the case, the court summoned, the defendant did not appear in court today, the court in accordance with the trial by default.

when the plaintiff asked the judge involved in the article, Jay Chou accepted the media interview reply is true, the plaintiffs attorney replied, are not true, "after we have done to clarify and reply, and serious warning, and require users not to reprint slander Jay Chou, if there is reproduced, so Jay Chou the judicial process to pursue their legal obligations, the results still have some websites in order to increase the site recommended

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