nternet cafes should pay attention to the details of the operation

almost any of the investors in the choice of the cause of Internet cafes, naturally want to do such a career in place. However, a lot of people may not be able to grasp the operational skills, resulting in business is not good development. I think the Internet bar can operate well, mainly in the normal things, Internet cafes in the normal thing is actually a hard environment and soft environment. Hard environment believe that we all realize that the basic Internet cafes for three years to change, you do not change people forced you to change. This is nothing to say, the Internet has its own decoration considerations, have their own style. This article mainly refers to the soft environment.

1, health.

soft environment, first of all, from the health point of view, it is important to know the importance of health, but I ask you a few Internet cafes are really clean up by full-time cleaning. Now I dare say that most of the Internet cafes are network management and cleaning, which is a wrong approach, it is true that you save a few employees wages, but it will lose a lot. An Internet cafe to reduce the salaries of employees to profit, not far from the door.

is now very cheap employees. Now the network are young people, you call these people clean up, from the heart of these people to clean up resentment, but if they take your money, will be in accordance with your request to work, but also do to cope with a job, which is why people think the reason lazy old network, different the people that they should do their own work for the. You can go to the place where you can’t take care of it and don’t walk often.

Internet cafes to maintain good health status of the guests are influential in the heart. And willing to do the cleaning of the general age are not small, and their attitude towards the work of young people can not compare. As long as the right treatment, they will do it, and there is no special reason will not easily change jobs. While the network is different, said many people run, they really don’t tube too loose for you health. So this is called clean sanitation to do is the most appropriate, network management is only auxiliary, clean up the desktop health what.

2, network management.


said that I feel the network management in fact, the network management of the profession to the wrong location. The role of network management is to help the guests to solve the problems encountered on the Internet, and the guests into a ball. Not for cleaning. Network management to learn to make friends with the guests, so I think the network should have affinity.

is a better player who likes to play mainstream games, I do not know why we are now opposed to network management to play games. I think the network management like the game will be very natural to guide some guests to play the game, a good network management is able to attract a lot of people like the game to stay in your Internet cafe. Now a lot of restrictions on Internet cafes to play games, even more than their own network management have to pay their own internet.


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