Sophomore girls start selling fail the exam

in the process of entrepreneurship, creativity is a very important thing, the following small to say the female entrepreneur is very creative, is to sell insurance products fail the exam in the campus among small financial.

2 day to sell 100 copies of only 3 people fail the exam

"in products sold within a few days after the students have been insured subjects of the examination results," claims "work has begun." Guan Lingzi said: "it was also worried about will loss badly, did not expect the results better than expected, only a loss of 10 yuan."

According to the

questioned about the moral hazard, tube Ling said, in fact before the design of this product, and his team’s "buddy" were also made an assessment on this issue. In our school, after the repair fail the exam fee is 1 credits 100 yuan, a subject is at least 2 credits, I don’t think anyone will be dedicated to 30 yuan compensation and deliberately take the time to repair, but also to pay at least 200 yuan". And later claims data also proved this prediction. "Buy insurance only 3 students fail the exam at the end of individual claims are fail the exam, other high scoring students."


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