Visit customers ten

visit the customer is often encountered in sales activities, but also to make a lot of sales problems. So how to effectively visit customers to achieve the original purpose? Xiao Bian coup, the following for you to visit customers ten do not want to help you!

Don’t belittle opponents

two not to point

to customers, not to sell their products to customers to purchase other manufacturers of equipment or personnel to react, comment.

three do not lack of preparation

four do not have

not indecisive when decision is neededAs mentioned above,

is not anxious, industrial products sales calls in the opposite, failing, procrastination is not decisive.

not anxious

seven not excessive commitment

in industrial product sales calls to customers as the purchase conditions may make you do or not in your authorization of the job, you must be cautious commitment, don’t promise you to do things.

eight do not object is not clear

not unexpected

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