What are the key points of modern terminal community store operations

if you can become a modern terminal community shop, the face of the customer base is more intensive, while the number of consumers more, which will be of great help for the operation of the store. The boss Yang Fu Meijia grocery store located in Yunxiao County PuMei Town King community Verde District Heights in his grocery store has more than and 60 square meters, the shop is clean and bright. Consumers come and go in the community, the store business is booming.

how to move from an ordinary cigarette retail store in two years to a modern terminal community store with a certain influence. Yang boss has his own business experience.

a, choose the right location, to create convenient station.

for a cigarette and alcohol, the daily necessities of the community store, choose a good geography, with more people flow and sales opportunities, business success is half. Villa Verde district has three grocery stores, business is the best in the District of Fu Meijia grocery stores, the shop area of about more than and 60 square meters, to the store consumption is 95% of the residents of the community, the summer people to buy beer, cold drinks and so on to his home, very convenient, feel particularly well, although we buy are the necessities of life, not how much money, but customers uninterrupted, Yang boss profit is considerable. Outside the district and across the road, the two stores are very cold, the choice of the location of the store, is a major factor in the boss Yang business booming.

two, integrity management, establish a good reputation.

integrity management is a word that everyone knows, but how many people can actually do it?. Yang boss has deep experience. As one of the first to enter the area of 3 cigarette retail households, has become the only remaining cigarette retail customers. Yang boss experience is to be honest in doing business, selling, community are doing the neighborhood business, if you sell high prices or poor quality, less than a day, the whole area of the uncle, aunt who will know, want to change after the word of mouth would not come back, can be described as bad news Trinidad!

three, family services, enhance the image of business.

community stores during the day to give priority to the elderly children patronize, do not think that the elderly, children usually spending power is not high, once the service to keep up, it can be a regular customer. Yang boss in this experience is worth learning. He was in the grocery store door, there will always be a number of children free toys for children to come shopping, always send a lollipop and other snacks. For the old man in the door, but also always uncle, aunt cried non-stop, slightly heavier some goods, must help to the home. In the eyes of these uncle, aunt, Yang boss is a kind, credible person, of course, to buy things must be the first thought of him.

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