Zhejiang city first entrepreneurship Park opened

college business park is now in many parts of the country began to set up, at the same time, to attract a lot of college students attention, Zhejiang coastal first college business park recently opened, there will be round a lot of entrepreneurs entrepreneurial dreams.

the party has always attached great importance to youth entrepreneurship and employment. During 2015, in support of youth entrepreneurship, the Mission City youth to the public record space project construction as an opportunity to establish Youth Business Association, the flagship brand for the youth, youth entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial organizations share salon theme forum and the delivery of training and other activities at the grassroots level. At the same time, launched the "entrepreneurial dreams for youth. Youth growth program version 2, issued for youth entrepreneurship loans, and hold the" Postal Savings Bank Cup "the first coastal city of rural youth entrepreneurship contest rich project, obtained remarkable results.

by coastal entrepreneurial opportunity Stone Park opened, the municipal Party committee will further increase the youth employment and entrepreneurship policy and financial support, give full play to the advantages of the system of the Communist Youth League organizations, and actively integrate various social resources, make new achievements in promoting youth employment and entrepreneurship, jointly boost the coastal economic transformation and upgrading.

in such a popular era of entrepreneurship, establish college students Pioneering Park is carried out for the majority of college students entrepreneurial activity has a very good help, at the same time, the future will also have some around the establishment of such business park.


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