Do business need to seize the selling points of the goods at the same time also need to seize the cu

a commodity will attract customers, naturally there is a selling point, and the reason why customers will buy such a commodity, naturally because they have a related point of purchase. In short, the selling point is a key factor in the sale of the business, it can turn the product into a commodity, the realization of currency exchange, so many businesses attach great importance to summarize and refine the store and commodity selling points. But there has been a strange phenomenon, selling point selection, summary and introduction are very good, but the customer to buy very little. Had a mind to do the selling point how can sell?

The reason for

is that "selling" is a self centred behavior, and "buy" is a customer centric behavior. Businesses should try to sell point into a buy point line. Here I would like to introduce a few categories of goods, including cigarettes, "buy".

We all know that

just listed Hebei Yang Yuan six walnut drinks, no one listed just ask, but the price is so expensive, might as well buy milk benefits, agents in order to let the market have visibility, will choose shops in the shop most prominently displayed, as long as it is placed thirty boxes no matter you the end of the month to sell, send the goods one, so many shops that sell not buy new, Never mind, key display costs, have participated in the exhibition activities.

goods display, store and placed in the most conspicuous place, reached a certain brightness, also played the role of advertising, the customer into the store at least first see is the name of the commodity, so how to make the product become the biggest "buy", at least to let the customer first take effect with the practical items, we must seize the customer psychology, goods into the store will certainly want to sell it to complete the exchange of money.

one day, a customer into the store to buy milk for school children, when asked what kind of milk to drink can let the child’s intelligence, said that this time the children go to school pressure, to strengthen the nutrition of children. I think, to nourish the brain, eating walnuts, this is the most basic common sense, I pointed to the neatly stacked Yang Yuan six walnut, I would recommend to the customer to raise six yuan of walnut drinks, I said: "the children are now learning pressure, want to let his brain, walnut is the most the brain, and then combined with milk, nutrition is uniform, suitable for your child to drink, but this time was quick examination, parents to buy six walnuts also really many."

listen to me such an explanation, the customer is willing to accept my recommendation, and had to buy six yuan to support the yuan, the transaction was successful. To improve people’s lives now, the children are willing to spend more costs, as long as the child’s body of profitable goods, buy goods at all costs, this is to seize the customer buying psychology, is also the biggest buy".

as long as the shop selling milk, we all know Erie children grow milk, the price is high, but also very popular, >

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