Li Shuang vice president of the EU network entrepreneurs are very important

female entrepreneurs in the present is also of concern, a lot of successful women entrepreneurs can really make people very admire, female entrepreneurship incubator GirlUp the online live share attracted in million European network vice president Li Shuang.

The following is

1. how to deal with the media

The first step is to do

some enterprises through the general media is not issued, except for some of the media business cooperation. First of all, to their own projects to be positioned, followed by the media to find what kind of audience, what the project is said to be interested in what media. Such as the European network is divided into 18 segments, the field selected their own industry, to see who is in the report, you can add reporters WeChat, notes to write on who they are, companies, positions, geographical attributes and needs.

second step coverage, subsequent feedback, the long tail effect.

financing project is reported, because at least in a person or an institution is recognized. At present from the group of friends are Internet plus entrepreneurs, or need some comparative tech media, rather than the people’s livelihood, a kind of finance. Each field is very fine, consumer upgrades and self propagation properties driven by the industry media industry has been upgraded, the choice of entrepreneurs will be very wide, the founder of the media channels can be shared to spread their projects.

For example, 36

2. think what stage need publicity?

A. financing is reported in order to expose the brand, looking for financiers, financiers will be interested to see this platform to find them.

After the completion of the

B. financing has been reported, generally speaking financing planning. Mainly is to report good news to employees, team, industry confidence.

C. financing after a long report, are generally a time to adjust the strategy, the campaign needs.

3. how to find the media?

A. OK when it’s time to report

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