Textile Valley to create a national business incubator base has attracted more than a hundred compan

should be the requirements of innovation and entrepreneurship, the development of traditional enterprises need to constantly upgrade and reform, to create superior resources to help more people start employment. Textile Valley efforts to create a national business incubator base to promote economic development.

3 30, the reporter arrived at the Luoyang road and four road intersection North Valley Stream textile business incubator Park, see the old five cotton factory of the old building is planning to re decoration, is currently attracting start-ups, invited a new generation of "creation" to join forces, to inject vitality into the old plant, but also the use of to build their own resources, show China International Exhibition Center, Master Studio, Art District, power Small and micro businesses development.

"now the incubator base is taking shape, there are more than and 100 enterprises settled in the park, half and textile related industries, the future will form a joint force to promote the development of textile industry growth." Textile Valley Project Manager Guo Tao introduction.

"textile valley now positioned very well, the past here is five cotton factory, and later became the green textiles · urban industrial park, and now will be transformed into a business incubator textile theme, let the old plant become fertile ground for entrepreneurship, let the second industry upgrade to the third industry, this is the place to go, the burden of production revitalize the old plant, at the same time, help more people realize their dreams." Shibei District People Club bureau responsible person.



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