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for each individual shop will have a knowledge of their own, how can the business to business is hot, every person naturally have their own skills, but money is naturally no exception. The mention of money, he knew the number of the thumb, the old man is a little stubborn stubborn, but good man, we all love to his shop to buy cigarettes.

is my area of an old money retailer, asked why he sold cigarettes, he cheerfully said: "I have eight formulas: integrity management, good investment."

stresses integrity

first, we must pay attention to integrity, I only look for tobacco companies cigarette, other cigarettes will not sell." The old memories said, just open a shop because of human relations with people send bought two pack of Chinese cigarettes let him sell, consumers are suspected to be counterfeit cigarettes, because they had not really smoke, only to give him two packets of China, after the customer has not bought the old money here to smoke. So far, the old money is not a tobacco companies shall not sell cigarettes. Because of his good faith management, was unanimously recognized by customers, some customers prefer to run a little farther, but also to his store to buy cigarettes, do not figure, on the map at ease.

good operation

second, to be good at selling, not too rigid." Chandler said now do business must be flexible, to pull live back". It will meet the tight smoke out of stock, at this time should be to sell other cigarettes, but also to be good at "investment". The so-called "investment", and later I know that is sold before the demolition of a package to allow customers to taste, do not be afraid of losing money.

money is a cheerful person, love often joke, each to his shop, I said very little, his mouth like a machine gun, rarely plug nozzle. In the process of communication with him, there are six customers to buy his cigarettes. Customers also love jokes with him, "teacher, take the bag mouth liqun!" Old money is not answered politely: "little master, long mouth Liqun gone, pumping package Yellow Crane Tower! At the same price, and other tobacco companies to ensure delivery tomorrow, leave some packet length to your mouth liqun." When the customer that I am a tobacco companies Manager, they praised: "this man is really really old money, good popularity, rest assured to buy his cigarette."

every businessman in the belief that the criteria are different, some people think that integrity is important, while others may think that profit is more important. And I felt so much like the old There are plenty of people who do business, he is one of the representatives, the integrity as the first standard, good popularity, good at marketing. The user is undoubtedly full of wisdom smoke so much like the old, is a visionary, worthy of our customer manager as a typical, to advertise the majority of households by smoke.

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