nfant supplies stores need much money

now, a lot of children are the baby of the family, to provide children with better everything, is the pursuit of many families. So, as an entrepreneur, you know how much money to open a baby supplies stores need? This may be a lot of entrepreneurs are very concerned about the topic.

1, store rent: the general choice of the city’s two or three categories, 50–70 square meters of the store, the annual rent of about $60 thousand.

2, decoration and equipment investment: the decoration needs to highlight the personality and clean and bright. Coupled with water and electricity, air conditioning and other equipment must be purchased, a total of about 20 thousand yuan.

3, purchase funds: 50 thousand yuan, more varieties, the amount can be less, as far as possible to put the counter.

4, taxes and fees: about 1000 yuan per month. After conversion, the monthly fixed cost of less than 7000 yuan.

is a risky venture, to choose a good project, with their own efforts, in order to reduce the risk, make their own success. For infants and young children supplies stores, capital investment needs to be ready to work, have to understand, in order to operate better, more successful.

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