Two entrepreneurs have found four stores in thirty years of age

each person in the choice of entrepreneurship, there is such a story, then, what is the protagonist of this story? Yantai Development Zone, Baihe Digital Plaza, two floor, bespectacled Jing Xiaobo was busy repairing the computer motherboard, his eyes focus on action in a clean manner.

"some work dragged on for several months, some even more than half a year." He said that he had thought that a 800 yuan of money can certainly make money, but did not expect to earn their own pocket money is not easy, not only often called to hard work, often due to various reasons, encountered some decoration of the delay circuit, some seeing Bahrain, but rather baffling not installed, while fully completed before, he often got half the money.

2004, Jing Bo finally decided to apply what they have learned to open a home appliance repair shop, and when he thought to set up shop, only to find themselves working for such a long time, money and even arrived in Yantai even less than. Looking around, saw a real head Jing Xiaobo in the development zone of a large market, a year rent 2800 yuan, pay rent on him after a few penniless.

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