Science fiction can also fire the entrepreneurial field

in the eyes of people, science fiction is difficult to link up with entrepreneurship, so entrepreneurship focus on reality, and science fiction is a powerful. The three body has been highly respected, many entrepreneurs are hardcore powder. Why is it so popular?

for the evaluation of this book reputation countless classic sentence: it is best known as Chinese science fiction, rely on a force to Chinese science fiction level pulled up to the world level, not only in science fiction circles big, many business people are more love. "Body" is not a pure science fiction, the dark forest rule, the Universal Unified moral standards and technology explosion, dimensionality reduction attack etc. has caused people to think about the universe civilization law, a universal social philosophy book is its essence.

Internet (especially the mobile Internet, the Internet is also a focus that refers to the mobile Internet) is actually the business model in fourth dimensions, with manage the Internet thinking ability of the enterprise is in fact the advanced civilization in the world, in the universe the Han boundless dark forest, to launch an opponent "two to Bo", with the form of dimensionality reduction attack to destroy the opponent.

A, dark forest rule

"body" in the dark forest rule is described: the universe is a dark forest, each civilization are gun hunters must remain silent and hidden, because everywhere in the forest and he like stealth hunter, any exposure of their existing life will soon be destroyed. It was found that there was always one party destroyed!

"body" of the universe according to the theory of sociology can be concluded as follows:

1. survival is the first need of civilization;

2. civilization continues to grow and expand, but the total amount of matter in the universe remains constant;

3. suspicion chain: Cosmic recommendation

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