Cigarette business also need to do a good job of four prevention

in order to prepare for the Spring Festival, a lot of cigarette retail stores have entered a large number of goods, but during the Spring Festival, do not necessarily let the product get all the sales. With the Spring Festival cigarette sales season in the past, has gradually entered the peak of cigarette sales slowdown, retail customers from the busy period into the vacant period, during this operation of cigarette retail customers need to be cautious, should pay attention to the following four -".

anti backlog. During the Spring Festival, many customers to the availability of supply, in every order cycle within a certain number of stocks of cigarettes, cigarette sales into the off-season after the festival stage, cigarette sales trend slowed, consumer group’s brand concentration, part of a large inventory of non kingpin brand and non brand promotion plus pin needs to increase efforts to prevent too long inventory time, caused by the backlog of funds.

mildew resistance. With the arrival of spring, increased precipitation, air humidity, cigarette storage in place of cigarette easily lead to mildew, cigarette storage should be placed in ventilated and dry place, relatively sealed, indoor temperature control in 20-25 degrees, the maximum shall not exceed 30 degrees, must be kept separate from other smelly goods, do first sell. To ensure the freshness of cigarette.

– out of stock. Because of uncertain supply factors, many brands are often unable to appear along the pin in a period of time to meet the market demand, and out of stock, out of stock phenomenon, based on the previous retail cigarette sales experience, easy to appear out of stock with an ample supply of certain goods brand marketing, in order to avoid outages or limited circumstances, and the brand of "zero inventory" phenomenon, affecting the normal operation of the cigarette.

deception. The holiday market will appear in succession many not standard phenomenon, to recover the smoke, smoke and sell gifts garbled phenomenon mostly, which consumers will "change from tobacco smoke", "cigarettes to refund" and other forms of tobacco smoke or garbled exchange gifts. However, criminals also take advantage of this opportunity, the pattern of all kinds of switch trick, so standard operation is the most effective way to avoid the criminals take advantage of a weak point.

as a retailer, is in our daily operation and the matters needing attention we need to pay attention to many, if you want the cigarette retail business can do better, also need to pay attention to the natural small series described above the "four" work, this will enable the cigarette sales to create higher profits.

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