Driver’s license to sell points to earn about 9 minutes to sell the pit actually buckle up to 18 poi

Guangdong, a man with a driver’s license to sell the money instead of being pit, sell 9 minutes to sell a good idea was sold for 18 minutes, resulting in the man’s driver’s license was detained. So he had to go back home again to get a driver’s license. Just find a job can only give up.

1200 yuan on the driver’s license to sell

Dongguan "cattle" will take Mr. Deng to window 11, then copy the good driving license, driving license, ID and other information to the window of the police. After signing the word, the police only driving license, identity card handed over to Mr. Deng, did not pass the driver’s license. Mr. Deng is ready to ask, waiting for the next Dongguan cattle quickly pulled him out.

"cattle" repeatedly reassured him. They said that the service center in the system has been a failure, temporarily unable to return the driver’s license, the center of their people, and other systems to restore, you can help to take out the driver’s license." With the same point to sell Mr. Lin’s driver’s license has not been returned, Mr. Deng believes that cattle, then got a good talk before the 1200 yuan back to Shenzhen.

driver’s license detained back to Hunan again

after several days, Mr. Deng called to ask the driver’s license when it can return, but "cattle" or that system is not good, either allegeed. Mr. Deng contact Mr. Lin, that his driver’s license also did not return. Since two people do not remember the driver’s license file number, can not find the driver’s license in different places.

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