College students on campus popular business opportunities

is a relatively large campus where traffic, and ready to start for many college students, in the process of the first venture, in fact, you can choose to the university campus, because it has many natural advantages.


Oden is the bamboo on the fish, after careful modulation of the stock Rice-meat dumplings outside after boiling, and then put into the soup cup in the food, a tempting smell, taste fresh food at that time, meticulous, eloquence that generates perfume lingering flavor, taste a back, will be back off. Look at the main individual provinces in 5-8 yuan. How much later on closed East cook a bowl of soup, eat breakfast do, students, women and work family favorite. The characteristics of the school gate snacks are sold throughout the day, even if there are 100 customers selling fees, you can lose 200-300 yuan. This name is difficult to operate alone, do not need to take care of the Bo care, can be in supermarkets, tourist spots, such as the outskirts of the business, but also run.

The school gate

The school gate

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