A new approach to the treatment of municipal solid waste in Beijing

with the development of the city, a variety of domestic waste is also an increase in the number of prisoners, how to deal with urban garbage has become a concern. Beijing, the rapid development of urban domestic waste is also increasing. Recently, the four departments jointly issued a new policy for Beijing, Beijing, garbage incineration ideas.

the Ministry of housing and other four ministries jointly issued the day before, requires to strengthen the city garbage incineration, proposed to build adjacent advantage service facilities, realize the sharing of development.

the Ministry of housing, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of land and resources and the Ministry of environmental protection jointly issued the "on the further strengthening of city garbage incineration work opinions" put forward, to strengthen the incineration facilities planning management. The project land is included in the urban yellow line protection scope, and the planning uses are marked.

put forward the "opinions", giving priority to waste incineration facilities land plan targets, the local land and resources management departments according to the actual local state, and arrange the necessary land for construction projects, to ensure facilities or in advance of the construction of landing. Facility location shall comply with relevant policies and standards.

"opinions" requirements, the construction of high standards of clean incineration project. Follow safe, reliable, economic and environmental principles to select safe and applicable technology. At the same time, it is necessary to carry out special rectification to the problems existing in the operation and management of the technical process and equipment in the existing waste incineration plant.

municipal solid waste treatment is an important part of urban planning and construction management. Opinions proposed to implement fine management, the implementation of the operation management responsibility system and emergency management plan, to take effective measures to control the two pollution. In the implementation of the basic environmental protection distance, for the surrounding residents to set up a shared area, according to local conditions, supporting green sports and leisure facilities, the implementation of preferential water supply, heating, power supply service, arrange the masses to the nearest employment. Short term compensation for long-term sustainable development, change the "neighborhood effect" to "benefit" to achieve shared development.

opinions stressed the need to strengthen supervision, accept public supervision. Incineration plant running the main body to the public regularly publish the basic situation of the operation, publicity pollutant emissions data, social units and the public can participate in accordance with the law in accordance with the planning and construction of the incineration plant operation supervision.

With the rapid development of urbanization, the amount of municipal solid waste (MSW) continues to grow, the overall capacity of the facilities is insufficient, and there is a phenomenon of overload operation, and some of the domestic waste is still not effectively treated by

. Municipal solid waste incineration technology is widely used in the world because of its advantages such as saving land, reducing effect, and using waste heat. Opinions require all localities to fully understand the early planning, scientific assessment, planning first, accelerate the construction, as soon as possible to make up for the city

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