A name is not the most important

many people know, if to store a resounding name, perhaps can attract more customers, so that the business of the shop is more prosperous. However, in this small series that flashy names for the development of the shop is very important, but it is not the most important.

"this name is too talented!" Find a barbecue shop in the vicinity of Changchun Dongsheng Street and fair Road intersection, barbecue shop name called "drink lost a shoe".

is not difficult to see, this shop is located in a bungalow in the store, the scale is not large, but barbecue shop name is very interesting, some members of the public evaluation, "whoever in this drink much for a pair of shoes, so as not to throw shoes walking home frozen feet."

for this strange barbecue shop name, most people said that now the store competition pressure, so the love has an attractive name, but now people are very picky, barbecue shop name rang again, as do the delicious meal.

in the current fierce competition in the market, so that the name of the shop more loudly, which has become the common practice of countless investors. However, after a little attracted people, if the product can not satisfy the consumer, the store’s business can not get better development. So, the name is more important than loud is the product.

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