2016 create a youth entrepreneurship contest mobilization

innovation and entrepreneurship competition can better stimulate college students to wear all kinds of enthusiasm, in order to allow students to better understand the innovation and entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship Institute held in 2016, creating youth entrepreneurship contest mobilization.


3 23, business school in Yifu Building Global Innovation Entrepreneurship Lab in 2016 to carry out a youth national college entrepreneurship competition mobilization. The event invited the Shanghai Jiaotong University Science and Technology Park, Guo Chao, director of the introduction of the company, in 2014, creating a youth gold team on behalf of the team, such as Yang Hongkai, and so on, and so on, this year, the school enrollment team, such as the introduction of guidance, such as, Xie Mengzhu.

Guo Chao for team made "a youth" event guide "presentations, a comprehensive introduction to the" Youth "competition format, reviews the achievements and awards event in 2014 at all levels, various possible and encourage team events in the process to meet the challenge. And, from the business plan writing, business models, common sense and other aspects of the team to give a series of counseling and suggestions, I hope to further improve the content of each project, highlights.


it is reported that "the creation of youth entrepreneurship competition national college is a college oriented entrepreneurial team high level entrepreneurship competition, held every two years. In 2014 the first year of Youth National College Entrepreneurship Competition finals, won 5 gold, 1 silver and 6 teams in our school ", the first group total outstanding achievement, and won the" 2014 Youth Cup National College entrepreneurship competition.



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