Entrepreneurship is not easy to join the store more attention

with the development of economic downturn, many people suffer from no promotion and salary raise Wangdu to join our business team, to become entrepreneurs most easily, the highest success rate of entrepreneurship, but also has joined many other considerations, the following Xiaobian list:

1, look at the size of the headquarters scale

2, the brand trademark is a registered trademark.

3, joined the main is 1 corporate bodies.

4, joined the contract rigorous, comprehensive, fair.

5, the brand has more than 3 mature stores, and after many years of good operating efficiency.

6, the leader has to support the franchisee’s full support manual.

7, leader of a comprehensive follow-up support for the franchisee (such as training, supervision, etc.).

8, its existing franchisees to conduct research and analysis (such as, business district, location, sea, profit estimates, etc.).

9, look at headquarters history   according to the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the average life expectancy of Chinese enterprises is only 2.5 years

six Alert:

1, low threshold (the uniqueness of the product is poor, only a small amount of money to operate the project.)

2, wary of immature technology (the concept of selling businesses, fight hype, rather than substantive technical upgrading

3, the company’s new project (on a common class is a false start is to really get money, ring to a group of jiamengfei evaporates, and then change the company name to repeat the stock tricks)

4, the new company alert (there is a class of offbeat hit new strange, its intention is not to get money, about a project but his capital is not enough, so playing karate, by recruiting franchisees, first ring to a penny)

5, watch out for high profits (when you ask for a profit, the computer buzz up a bunch of numbers, and finally tell you how much you can make in a year)

6, vigilance contract scam (to join the signing of the franchise contract. The terms of the contract to join the language barrier, before and after the conflict, can not stand the scrutiny of the company (


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