Friday West Restaurant

Friday restaurant mainly fast-food products R & D and production of derivatives research and development since the establishment of Friday’s break the traditional concept of focusing on the consumer experience, is the domestic and foreign markets to overturn the traditional products, Friday’s R & D, production and marketing in one restaurant, Friday to join, join the Friday restaurant in various provinces and cities in Taiwan, the company will be a solid backing service our franchisees. So how to join it?

west restaurant on Friday to join

join conditions:

1, with entrepreneurial passion

2, the culture of recognized enterprise

3, with a certain amount of funds

4, have certain management ability

join support:

one, decoration advocacy support

Friday to restaurant franchisees selected shops, the company will provide a unified decoration scheme, and complimentary unified shop signs, shop and the publicity charts etc..

two, district protection support

Friday restaurant for the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of the franchisee, company to implement business protection principles, the franchisee has exclusive brand management and agency headquarters in cities and counties within the scope of authorization, limited development, allow you to dominate the local market with huge losses to the rights and interests of the franchisee must not blindly spread development.

three, training technical support

Friday restaurant complete business solutions, business knowledge or other what basis anyway given by zero comprehensive support, free of charge to join technical staff, chefs, the franchisee to accept headquarters strict professional training, the training plan according to the specific circumstances, learning time is not restricted, until he learns.

four, technical support support

on Friday western restaurant company headquarters has a large number of senior technical staff, a full range of technical guidance and equipment installation and commissioning, equipment warranty services. The company’s R & D team continues to expand and technology continues to improve and update for the franchisee to provide strong support and protection. With strong scientific and technological development, in terms of product equipment technology, and always maintain a strong advantage in the peer.

five, shop training support

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