An ordinary girl is how successful agent brand project

brand project has been the first choice to join many investors. First, the brand has its own brand effect, has its own culture and connotation. Has a wealth of successful experience. Of course, the brand also has a high cost of entry, join the conditions and other restrictions, after joining the successful experience and so on are determined to join the brand project success or not. The whole network ( for your analysis of an ordinary girl is how successful brand agent project.
the ordinary girl with curly hair, baby face, smile dimple, bear Chen Ming, many people lamented: it is a young girl. After listening to this, she was a faint smile: are slowly accumulated, I entered the age of 20, and now do the clothing business has been 17 years." The answer is often scary. Chen Ming’s company in wansongyuan commercial street, the first floor is a clothing store, the two floor is a busy office, in addition to major shopping malls in Wuhan has her acting brand counters. And the ultimate origin of all this is the end of the last century, the end of 80s, a small roadside shop. From state-owned enterprises employees, to the small clothing store owner, and then to set up their own companies, do professional agents. Chen Ming’s entrepreneurial experience has always been in the apparel industry, and, it seems that the future is not ready to leave the line.
project to join the brand experience and lessons from the 20 year old "out" a small clothing store dug the first pot of gold
store had been steady operation for more than a year, Chen Ming on fashion trends, to grasp the customer psychology are improved. By the end of 1990, the next two stores closed due to poor management, Chen Ming took the opportunity to put these two stores, operating area suddenly expanded to more than and 80 square meters. She renovated the store, asked the clerk, began to look at the brand agent. After market research, she chose 3 clothing brands, from boutique stores to open stores

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