2016 marketing Chongqing hot pot how to join

we all know, the improved quality of life, people have a strong interest in the diet, keep pace with the times, for Chongqing to join a Hot pot, shop business is hot hot shop is not difficult, all is not easy. Food and beverage brand marketing, but also the most important food and beverage business.


1, do a good job, is marketing:

2, so that pricing attractive.

either public consumption or personal consumption, whether working class or rich, are in fact there is a certain sensitivity to the price. This sensitivity is the "value for money", because any customer may have a steelyard. The principle of catering pricing is to seek profit space in customer satisfaction.

3, how to attract repeat customers?

could head back off into repeat visitors, reflects a restaurant catering service. Head back to the customer into a repeat customer, first of all, to form a focus on food and beverage store back to the atmosphere, do a good job in the basic work of customer files. Secondly, we should take concrete measures in the service process design.

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