Do business must pay attention to customer shop

once opened a shop to do business is likely to encounter a variety of customers, some people sincerely to buy things, but some people actually love to do some illegal activities, which require owners own a lot of attention, to prevent fraud, especially some professional "switching off". Once encountered, it is likely to make their own profits damaged, so the owners need to stay in this area a mind.

to do business, welcome guest is the first priority, at the same time, we need to take a special guest: guest. The business owner must keep an eye on their sale of goods, such as cigarettes each have their own store code (ID), referred to as "a shop", the guests after buying back, you should carefully compare, and carefully to see whether the withdrawal of traces or two plastic paste phenomenon. Also in the sale of his pen do a special symbol in the whole on cigarettes. The conditional store is best to install the surveillance video, to avoid "switching cases", such as the store in case of suspicious circumstances, the author suggests that the first time to call 110.

In December 3rd

2015, a former daily operation without what special day, Zhejiang Huzhou Changxing County Si’an town police station received the alarm call: "police comrades, you quickly come ah, my cigarette is switching, my money was cheated!" Sian police station duty police received the alarm area of a cigarette and liquor vendor said, to the store to buy cigarettes, cigarettes were stolen results. At the same time, the jurisdiction of another store also call alarm call the cigarette was switched.

police occupation habits quickly made the judgment, which is likely to be a series of cigarette case. Police on duty immediately out of the police quickly to the scene to conduct field surveys, case investigation. According to the shopkeeper said, there is a strange man about 50 years old or so to the store to buy two Abba cigarettes for gifts, while it is not prepared, prepared in advance of the cigarettes exchanging really smoke, then excuses not invoice can not buy to get away.

police after many visits to verify, confirm the jurisdiction of a total of 4 cigarettes. The case, through the investigation, the police quickly locked the suspect, and to identify the suspect driving a silver car has left Changxin, now living in Hangzhou.

case police through a day and night fighting, 4 am, a resident in Hangzhou, Gongshu District, the suspect Zhu captured. The investigation, Zhu (44 years old, born in Henan, Hangzhou City, the original temporary) is a driver, in the new year’s Day is approaching, want to make some money flower, originally had theft convictions of Zhu then came up with such a way "". But did not want to be second days after the incident was captured by the wise and mighty Zhejiang police.

at present, the suspect Zhu on suspicion of theft has been Changxin police criminal detention, the case is being further processed.

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