Not go back home do not melt into the city for your next generation please to the north of guangzhou

"I’m not just for myself, but for my family and children, I must be in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen home buyers, even if their fill, I also want to take this pit filled." You good, your children in the future, can be steadily passed by. If you choose to give up, then your child will go your way in twenty years, and even more difficult.


back home

is now the two generation of Agricultural Graduates to run to the big city, do not want to go back to the countryside. They are in a big city at least one job can support myself, if you go back to the countryside, only to engage in farming farming, but China agriculture has always been deficit earn less, by day by subsidies.

farmers having spring, may not be able to harvest in autumn, as long as a wind and rain, the farmers a year’s hard work will instantly come to nothing. No gains, no gains, no income, no hope.

is now a true portrayal of the rural China: garbage Montreal, dusty, the walls are painted a variety of small advertising; medicine often myrrh; village primary school is five kilometers away from home; the village grocery store is selling Kang Shuai Fu; the color smell, there is a chemical plant upstream.

small town is a bit better than in rural areas, but also is not optimistic. Comfortable people in the small town, the basic are public institutions or involving the public enterprises. But who can guarantee that you can enter the next generation public unit


ordinary family of young people, the way back to the small town is too narrow. First, the low end of the industrial structure leads to no use of your professional skills, it is difficult to find high paying jobs. Two is your competition of family background network not weak, can’t do anything in a small town life; three is a company, the most wealthy clients is government units, what can you do? If in a small town can mix well, who will go to the big city? Is there is no way out, only




melt into the city

1) account of the shackles of

people now, from the moment of birth began to fight father. On the first day of your birth, you are living in the red house Concord VIP, or the district center hospital corridor, the basic decision of your fate in the next 28 years.

when you leave the hospital, take the Beijing Shanghai city accounts, or small rural county accounts, the basic decision of your 35 year old before everything.

there is no racial discrimination in China, there is no caste system, but the inherent household registration system, or people are divided into different groups.

I know a foreign child, was born in Guangzhou, has always thought that he is Guangzhou, the home of the people that he is not Guangzhou, he also cried. The results of the school age, the teacher told him: you are only a stranger. At that moment, he finally understood the truth with tears. < >

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