BYD President Wang Chuanfu’s legendary entrepreneurial road

you should have had some entrepreneurial ideas, but because many objective reasons did eventually realize this dream, in fact, as long as we are willing to pay will be harvested, we all know that BYD, then president Wang Chuanfu to BYD is not very strange, let’s take a look at her legendary entrepreneurial path.

1966 going it alone in February 15th, Wang Chuanfu was born in Anhui Wuwei County a common peasant family, under the care of their parents through the light of heart from care of childhood. However, when he was in junior high school, the changes occurred in the home, so that he suffered the trauma of the soul and from now on. In order to forget the pain, young Wang Chuanfu had two ears do not hear out of the window, bent on studying, formed a strong endurance character. He believes that there is no higher than the foot of the mountain, there is no foot farther; he believed that as long as the soul of unyielding, I will walk out of a broad road.
1987 in July, Wang Chuanfu, 21, graduated from the Department of metallurgical physics and chemistry, Institute of technology, entered the Beijing Institute of nonferrous metals. During his graduate studies, he worked harder and devoted all his energy to battery research. It is often said that where there is a will, there is a way. Just over 5 years, the 26 year old Wang Chuanfu was promoted to the task entrusted with the deputy director of the Institute of Room 301, became the youngest director. But even more unexpected is that an opportunity for him to change from expert to entrepreneur. In 1993, the Institute was established in Shenzhen Battery Co., Ltd., due to Wang Chuanfu and the field of research is closely related to the general manager of the company Wang Chuanfu became a matter of course.

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