5 22 the third Hongkong nternational Music Festival starts in Hunan

music is everywhere in life, most of the people of the day, most of the time there is music to accompany! So, what about the three Hongkong International Music Festival in Hunan? The following and small series of specific understanding.

yesterday morning, the third Hongkong International Music Festival Hunan division launching ceremony held in Changsha. The competition is diverse, the top 50 will have the opportunity to go to Hongkong to participate in the finals.

as a music art competition in Hongkong the highest specifications, the addition of a number of pop music festival, Chinese and Western songs creation, song lyrics, orchestra and Harp and other dozens of groups, and the age of children, divided into more children, adolescents, and young adult group, group diversity and wide coverage of the ages hitherto unknown.

according to reports, will be held in Hunan division preliminaries Changsha Hisense Plaza in May 28th, music lovers are invited to participate. After the preliminaries, semi-finals and the final round of the competition, Hunan Division will be selected before the 50 went to Hongkong to participate in the finals.

in Hongkong during the finals, players can not only participate in multi field master classes, concerts, and access to the United States to study scholarship, experience foreign university music curriculum in the United States, with local orchestras such as free.

in recent years, with the "China good voice" "I am a singer" and a series of large-scale music program, music for people’s influence is more and more obvious. A lot of music loving singers, in the third Hongkong International Music Festival can have a voice, is a very meaningful thing!

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