What is the requirement of investment zinpin steak

we are recognized as the capital of Taiwan, almost all of China’s food. The restaurant is naturally a certain strength, for our favorite steak, the characteristics of Taiwan food brand naturally will not be too small. The zinpin steak is a good brand stores.

zinpin Steakhouse is a originated from Taiwan’s famous steak restaurant chain. 2003 officially landed in mainland China, currently in a number of provinces in the country has developed a number of steak restaurant chain, and is still continuing to add. Zinpin steak to make Western meals. The restaurant environment is very beautiful, the restaurant decoration very delicate, elegant, very beautiful chandelier along the road, the workmanship is very exquisite, a circular chandelier hanging in the top of each seat will be transparent and delicate. So what is the zinpin steak franchise?

zinpin steak investment what is the requirement of

product introduction:

franchise steak

first, investors require

1, identification with company trademark, business model, product

2, determination and commitment to invest in the ability to seal the letter, a wide range of human resources

3, personal funding and debt capacity

4, the ability of communication and coordination

5, strict implementation of the company’s management mechanism

two, site requirements

1, location location should be in the transfer of the old city, city, city business street and convenient traffic, there are many potential consumer groups near

2, selected area should be more than 500 square meters, located on the first floor of

3, vehicle access line is good, the display surface and visibility is good, there are business, large government and enterprise, business, high-grade configuration of the shopping district and good surrounding environment

three, housing lease requirements

rental rental to understand the following:

1, rent deposit and rent, the rent to pay the way, will increase, there is no management fees and other charges, how to rent in

2, floor height of 3.5 meters or more, to have adequate water supply and power supply

3, rent free decoration three months


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