Costa Rica fried chicken by virtue of what makes it so hot

a to come to the stars you make fried chicken become hot selling products, in China there are many well-known brands of fried chicken, fried chicken is one of them, catering investors can not miss. Brother than fried chicken originated from Taipei, in the decades of careful research, to create a crispy skin, tender and juicy new products — I want to eat chicken. After the product launch, queuing crowds constantly busy awfully the staff said: I really like the fighting on the battlefield, from the "brother than fried chicken" to become the representative of Taiwan super chicken.

chicken – brother brother than profit than fried chicken Market Analysis:

is healthier than fried chicken. Less investment returns, 5-10 square meters can be opened, high profit products reached more than 60%, the achievements of small investment and high return of the perfect combination, brother than fried chicken to create a month profit wealth miracle. Invite you to join. Food and beverage industry as the leading industry in the market has been in an invincible position in the years of development, in the face of rapid social change, fast food is becoming more and more important. Golden color, pure taste, taste delicious, since the market has been the people’s praise, because of its aroma taste and delicate taste, brother than fried chicken Unlimited Business Opportunities.

than chicken brother profits, Butler three to control, nanny service

a, do not worry about no experience

a core technical support: R & D team, professional development, brand products and regularly launch new

b system training support: famous technology hand teaching, brand expert operation course

C expert location: location support expert scientific guidance to join your site, ayue fish stable operation

two, do not worry about no passenger

a decoration design support: standardized, unified, standardized brand decoration

B marketing planning support: planner according to the actual situation of the store to different planning programs

C operation: operation management software development tools support, odd fish rich fish franchise operation manual Ariadne

three, do not worry about no backup

A expert operations support: expert team long-term tracking service

B logistics and distribution support: unified logistics and save time and effort to save money


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