A temporary loss into a long term investment

many investors are only key short-term interests that do this business will lose money on the test does not consider, however, the business is indeed a good opportunity is very good, as long as a good grasp, you can create a wealth of tomorrow, this time is to choose the moment!

in 2005 Hurun rich list version million, Yan Jiehe with assets of 12 billion 500 million yuan, ranked China dafuhao second. All of his success was due to his first loss. In 1992, Yan Jiehe rented a bankrupt construction company. For the first time, he received a business: a contractor’s construction work five times.

he to calculate this business, silly eye, if you take over the work, the minimum loss of 50 thousand yuan, this is a completely no one dared to take the project, pick up or not? Because he has no background and no relationship, in the construction industry, the relationship between the complex ecosystem, he can only get such business. So he decided to start from the first business at a loss. He put the money as a day after the engineering development of the "signs", try their best to do.

after completion of all projects, approval departments do not believe that such a project will have good quality. But the results are stunning, all indicators are excellent. Of course, he paid a heavy price for this – a total loss of 80 thousand yuan. But the construction team has kept the government firmly in mind. After this, the business continued to come to him, in the next more than and 10 years, almost all major projects in Jiangsu, he was involved in the construction of.

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