Hainan real estate slowdown in the second half of the inventory pressure remains

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in the first half of the year, almost all over the country house prices rose, in which Hainan and Hefei, Suzhou and other places prices rise fastest. The real estate market data released by Hainan provincial government 3 days shows, January to October this year, Hainan housing sales area and sales rose sharply, but compared to the second half of the first half of the slowdown, real estate stocks still have a certain pressure.

according to the introduction, by taking Hainan province suspended for new commercial residential and hotel property, land use approval, the suspension of the new residential project planning report for approval, and strengthen supervision and management of the industry and the promotion means, promote the healthy development of the real estate market. From January to October this year, Hainan total sales of 1 million 136 thousand and 780 square meters of housing area, sales of $111 billion 940 million, an increase of 46.4% and 49.8%.

real estate sales driven, as of the end of October, Hainan province’s real estate stocks continued to decline to 27 million 180 thousand square meters, down 160 thousand square meters in September, stock to a period of 26 months, and in September was flat.

overall, the real estate industry is still quite rapid development, the market is more vigorous vitality, Hainan real estate is a huge investment potential. According to statistics, Hainan real estate from the beginning of July this year, the monthly sales area and sales growth rate is lower than the cumulative growth rate, the cumulative growth rate gradually slowed, resulting in inventory is still a certain pressure.

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