From the The Legendary Swordsman Linghu Chong’s leadership

"The Legendary Swordsman" is Jin Yong’s works brought us many wonderful, brought a lot of good memories, recently, a new version of "The Legendary Swordsman" and the board of each big TV, a new hot, set off a new upsurge!


recently, by Wallace Huo, Joe Chen, Yuan Shanshan and starring Jin Yong’s martial arts drama "The Legendary Swordsman" has been launched for more than half, not only the ratings soared, the unique characters of the show and also won the praise of users. "Swordsman" in Linghu Chong gradually gives the impression that the door has become the factions of the boss, in the body of the outstanding leadership demonstrated by Linghu Chong also attracted a lot of office workers to analyze and learn.

one, because Linghu Chong is courageous, dare dare. The Mt. Hengshan school was at a critical juncture and needed someone to come forward with strong help and support. Linghu Chong just appeared at this time. He has sent the head of zuolengchan on Mt. Hengshan in Songshan sent disguised as evil faction to kill the process, in Fujian and Longquan xianxialing sword Valley two save Mt. Hengshan school, Songshan school and expose the ugly face. In the two and in the battle, Linghu Chong in Mt. Hengshan before sending staff to show a good spirit of their quality of wit, courage, strong business skills and take the initiative to bear responsibility, and they forged a profound friendship in the battle, to win their trust and support, etc. so the early completion of the probationary period, paving the way for his "airborne".

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