Cosmetics shop how to stabilize the membership in the summer and autumn season

for a cosmetics store, members tend to be a very important consumer of this store. Therefore, if you want to make the business of the shop to get a good hot development, also need to make members more stable, especially in summer and autumn season, the long-term development of the firm will be a member of the shop is very favorable. However, the cosmetics store how to stabilize the membership in the summer and autumn season?

when a customer for four consecutive times to the same store consumption, or consumption of the same brand of products, the customer to the store or the brand loyalty is established. Smart cosmetics store owners will be the contents of each promotional activities to stay a little suspense to the next, the core idea is to let each activity are linked to a ring set up, the popular terms is the".

in late August in the summer and autumn weather, the most notable feature is the hot days, cool sooner or later, the cosmetics store can "Xihu Festival", "bath Festival", "fragrance of life", "night" and "refreshing summer Thanksgiving appreciation", "free delivery" and "storefront renovation upgrade" etc. a series of special summer fragmented small-scale promotional activities, can set up a number of new members, but also back to the old members.

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cosmetics shop smart always love to play gift certificates, coupons, raffle tickets "three coupons game", always put the customer consumption after receiving gifts, gifts from time to time is less traffic, in order to enhance the popularity of the store; some main crisp event when receive gifts, prizes and extraction the cash coupon on the next event, took the opportunity to accumulate popularity for the next activity.

cosmetics store brand in the Zhengzhou market activities have done very distinctive. The last day at the end of each afternoon to participate in activities, receive gifts and extraction customers together, put on the chair in the event, send fruit tea, on the stage with a song of Dao Lang touching "thank you" hand dance, the owner was awarded winning customers prizes, and a photo. Many customers moved to tears because of an event to win the psychological glory and respect. At the time of the customer left and sent to the customer to promote the use of the next promotional coupons, cash coupons are usually used in accordance with the face value, the activity can be doubled during the use of.

some cosmetic shops in the summer and summer season this time, regardless of whether the customer into the store consumption, will send a experience, with a few or cash vouchers, took the opportunity to leave the customer’s phone number, name and date of birth and other basic information. Some of the stores for the performance appraisal clerk is not just to sell many products, more important is to establish a number of new members, nearly new members and old members are responsible for SMS and telephone follow-up maintenance, in order to cultivate the awareness of customers and shop with the corresponding brand loyalty.

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