25 year old girl selling petals sell millions of net worth

before the age of 30, graduated from college, Chen Yan successfully from a florist, grew into a net worth of one million yuan entrepreneurs. Young women can be called a model of entrepreneurship, but also for the young entrepreneurs are thinking about the way out of the road provides a reference direction.

a sell "petal"

1988, Chen Yan was born in Anhui, Hefei. When she graduated from college, she took up a flower shop in her hometown. Because the florist industry competition, she always keep going by painstaking effort with.

China maximum "petals do business" one day in 2009, she went to a friend’s wedding, the bride came out from the air and the plastic petals riotous with colour. "Why don’t you use the petals of flowers?" Chen Yan wondered. After the wedding, she asked the bride, the other said: "the cost of plastic products cheaper than flowers, flowers so expensive, how much money the whole wedding?"

There is no

Chen Yan snapadoo. She collects all used flowers, the complete and bright color of the petals of a piece of torn off, and then according to the different colors to be arranged in a plastic bag: pink rose, purple hyacinth, red rose…… Looking at a bag of fragrant petals, Chen Yan seems to see a better future.

"wedding petals rain" drifting fragrance of wealth

Chen Yan with petals, to the wedding company to sell. Not more than 200 yuan per kilogram price really attracted the wedding’s vision, they are willing to take the price of 180 yuan per kilogram, long-term acquisition of   to her; a wedding 1 kilograms of petals is enough, but the couple also won’t mean that money.

by their own shop, the petals yield is far from enough, Chen Yan at an annual cost of 2000 yuan, signed a purchase agreement with the more than and 10 flower shop flowers.

a hoard of petals, the problem arises: fresh petals can save up to two or three days, and the wedding sometimes half a month before they met again, many petals are wasted. In order to keep the flowers fresh, Chen Yan frequently watered them. Wedding company will soon receive feedback from customers: the flowers of the water weight of the valve, the last one, immediately fell to the ground, it is difficult to create a colorful mood in the air."

if the flowers recommended

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