2011 top ten list of the world’s top industry

for every entrepreneur, the direction of choice is bound to be the most popular industry, so that not only to make money, but also to the future development of security. And this hot industry is only in the current market after careful analysis and summary to understand. Here, Xiao Bian will introduce one of the world’s top ten hottest industry in 2011.

3G game

list of reasons: in recent years, the major operators have launched 3G services, market demand continues to heat up. In view of the training of 3G of our country is relatively late, the talent training threshold is high, long cycle, causing such talent shortage. With the continuous improvement of the domestic game industry, especially the rise of online games, game developers, planners, and marketing aspects of marketing and other personnel are extremely sought after.

list of reasons: with the warming of the economy, hotel, tourism, entertainment and other services market active again, thus creating a large employment space, catering, entertainment, hotel, tourism and other industries demand has been entrenched top ten. With the fierce competition and the emergence of the crisis of public relations, enterprises to market brand building and maintenance of more and more attention, therefore, experienced planners will be in urgent need of talent.

list of reasons: investment analysts should always face a lot of information on the market of the securities market and arranged in a crisscross pattern, different levels of investment groups to provide valuable advice or investment strategy. With the emerging futures market continues to heat up, more investment analyst demand is constantly emerging. In the next few years, the gap will continue to increase investment analysts, relative to the high quality requirements. Certified public accountants have been the urgent lack of talent, especially by the internationally recognized certified public accountants are scarce.

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