Flexible marketing strategy analysis

entrepreneurship, investment, shop the most important is the marketing method, flexible marketing as a marketing strategy, how to do a good job of flexible marketing? Many private enterprises, the company hopes to enter the track, a few strategies, hoping to quickly open the market. Flexible marketing, quickly open the market.

The price elasticity of


this relatively high price elasticity of industry is usually two categories, one is belongs to the daily consumption of more products, such as our daily household consumption products such as rice, oil, egg, water, drinks and so on, these products are often used by the consumers, the frequency of use is very high, when the price changes that is very easy for consumers to have a very strong appeal, so we can see the supermarket egg, rice and so on are a few cents per kilogram cheaper, there will be a shopping queue queue appears.

marketing promotion elasticity

elastic service marketing

Familiar with

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