Yu Ting university graduates entrepreneurship charity

if you are a university graduate, you can find a stable job, or you can become a successful entrepreneur, then, you are willing to adopt a child at a young age? She is only 25 years old, not married, but has a child, the children are from the same place, Sichuan, Liangshan. Who is she, why are there so many children?

she is outstanding graduates, Wuchang Institute of Yu Shouyi Ting, general manager of Wuhan Zimo Arts Education Investment Co. ltd.. Last year, she from Sichuan Liangshan and 64 Yi orphans, learning, living in her charity school.

her, sophomore start business

Wuhan Hongshan South Eru Itabashi, stands an ordinary three storey building, inside the classroom with the classroom, dancing room and the TV room is like in the yard, student dormitory, self-contained, table tennis room by blowing. This is a special school, from Sichuan, Liangshan, 64 Yi orphans, 6 faculty members, will be here day after day, learn and live together.

from people in a special display busy woman, ponytail, black jacket, simple light air quality impacts. In the office, a simple table and sofa, the calligraphy and ink paintings eye-catching drill, there seems to be a master of ancient and new spirit of Ming long cherished ambition. She is the general manager of Wuhan Arts Education Investment Co. Ltd. Yu Ting introduction. In 2015 summer, 24 years young she set sail from here, to take care of a charity nursery.

2014 in June, Yu Ting from the Wuchang Institute of Visual Communication Arts graduate. During school, she soon joined the excellent in character and learning, the school outstanding cadres and three good student called folding body, is also quite prestigious professional skills. Sophomore year, she began to start a business for the Arts candidates for media, art, calligraphy education institutions.


earned a lot of money, but she found that many families of students is relatively difficult, she did not hesitate to launch the exemption policy. From that moment, I found that more than a good thing to make yourself happy. With the entrepreneurial performance snowball soaring, she sprouted a toss of a scale of charity upgrade. The summer of 2015, she registered "Zimo Yigao" education company, ready to make a big fight.

her back 64 orphans

last year, Yu Ting from the news has learned Sichuan Liangshan has a lot of Yi orphans, her heart as if spring rolls for a long time can not heal, always think of the mountains of water to those orphans, in that what kind of year.

Liangshan is an extremely difficult area to overcome poverty, poor natural environment, traffic is blocked. Among them, 5 counties scattered in the distribution of the 19 recommended

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