Qingdao to support college students to do roadside mobile snacks

now a lot of roadside food stalls in the business is very good, all over a flow that in many city of domestic food stalls, recently, Qingdao encouraged many students to do roadside snack vendors, and give financial support.

netizens question: "entrepreneurial university students can enjoy the small loans it?" Jiang Xuemei explained that under the current policy, within 5 years of graduation graduates of colleges and universities, the city residence of colleges and universities graduate academic year (ie the year before graduating from July 1st 12 months) students in Colleges and universities in Qingdao graduate academic students, can apply for small loan guarantees.

netizens expressed himself in Qingdao, the collective unit of account after graduation, and now after the departure of entrepreneurship, Qingdao collective registered permanent residence is Qingdao hukou, can receive business subsidies? Jiang Xuemei answer, after graduating from employment settled in Qingdao collective enterprise staff, belonging to the Qingdao household registration. According to the current requirements of the document, the Qingdao household registration 5 years of college graduates or unemployed, can apply for business subsidies in accordance with the provisions.

interview, application conditions and process of graduate housing subsidies is another hot issue. Jiang introduced by the director, after graduating in 2012 and later, domestic colleges and universities graduate and postgraduate students in 2012 to green jobs, green in the implementation of the employment unit, and according to the provisions of labor contracts, pay five social insurance and one housing fund ", the account has fallen into the city, green jobs can enjoy during the length of not more than 3 years of housing subsidies, standards for doctoral students 600 yuan / month, Graduate 400 yuan / month. Graduate housing subsidies in January and every year in the centralized declaration in July.


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