Why entrepreneurial cities Losangeles and Shenzhen are strikingly similar

Abstract: Losangeles, as the second most popular city in Silicon Valley, has a striking similarity with Shenzhen, the capital city, which is second only to Beijing, which is the most popular city in the world

in the current entrepreneurial tide, the hottest land should be the United States and China, a veteran of the developed countries, the world leader in science and technology and innovation, one is the rapid development of emerging countries. The center for science and technology entrepreneurship in the United States is Silicon Valley, China’s entrepreneurial center is Beijing.

, however, it is clear that in these two countries, entrepreneurial hot cities are not limited to this, the United States of Losangeles, New York, Boston, China’s Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hangzhou, etc.. Among them, Losangeles, as the second most popular city in Silicon Valley, has a striking similarity with Shenzhen, the capital city, which is second only to Beijing.

immigrant culture and Geography:

in people’s minds, the United States is a nation of immigrants, and Losangeles is a typical representative of this immigrant culture. Immigrants play an important role in the development of the west coast of the United states. In 1965, the new immigration act. It would be a priority to change the immigration quota to the useful ability of the United States and the family members of the United States who have obtained the status of the United states. Since then, a large number of high-quality immigrants to become one of the u.s.. Losangeles’s population is second in 1990.

a large number of immigrants provide enough labor force for Losangeles, improve the production efficiency; facilitate the development of small and medium-sized enterprises and the port city, to promote the growth of international trade and rapid development; the most important is that the migrants have brought the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation, the core and soul of culture into a city.

was born in North California in Silicon Valley startups such as bright stars: Google, apple, Facebook, Twitter· · · · · · another new Silicon Valley in southern California has burst of red No. 405 on the west side of the road from Santa Monica (Santa Monica) Vinis (Venice), to the South Marina del Rey (Marina del Rey), in the original Hollywood stars, sports stars and big investment with the Western District of Losangeles city (Westside) to form a "Silicon Beach" (Silicon Beach), is now the only emerging technology companies occupy the unicorn. Snapchat, whisper and other emerging companies in this growth and development, in the field of global technology entrepreneurship accounted for a place, such as giant Microsoft, Google and other giants have established the appropriate departments.

echoing this young entrepreneurial city of Shenzhen, just set up in the city, the entire city of only 314 thousand and 100 people, to 2014, the resident population of the city up to 10 million 778 thousand and 900 people. Moving on

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