Your restaurant location right

it is well known that a restaurant business can be successful, which is very much related to its location. Therefore, any one restaurant operators need to look at their own restaurant location is correct. So, is your restaurant right? Now, let’s get to know how to choose a restaurant.

The new

store, we called ‘shop, needs to raise the estimated two years, or how to make money for a period of time, is very cheap, but less traffic, the surrounding residents, but if the money, enough eye poison, can the entire rent for 10 years or 15 years, according to 1-1.5 yuan / m2 / day to sign a contract. Of course also deposit. This place is slowly cooked up, the rent may rise to 4-5 yuan / square meter / day. At this time there are many people, the surrounding business is mature, began to make a big. The others came in late, and the rent was crushed to death.

if it is cooked with it, the problem more, don’t have money to you, unless you take money to hit him, out of a high transfer fee; at a loss, you can see many people, who knows he is losing money, even if it is at a loss he won’t tell you, also want to make pen transfer fee, also have their own private transfer to a friend, you find not necessarily looking to the downtown area, anyway, there will not be a empty face waiting for you to open the shop and cooked; the price is high, there is no certain management experience is easy to make money.

, for example, there is a snack bar with annual sales of about 16 million, the rent is as high as about 5000000, to tell the truth, this shop to ordinary people can not do, because there are some loopholes in your management, will be out of a pit operation, cooking speed slow, money served at a slower pace may be deadly.

in short, shops are hard to find. But there are three situations can leak:

one, the original format is not suitable to do other, for example, there is a shop to do home appliances, mobile phones, clothing, what to do what the landlord is also extremely disappointed, the rent is very cheap to you. It is suitable for food and beverage, it is fat.

two, the original format is not, for example, there is a shop to do casual coffee shop, but the people around you are not casual, the result is suitable for fast food, you earn.

three, the original owner of the shop through communication, pressure is a layman, what will not, the taste is not good, it may also change the store image and taste to attract new business.

a lot for the restaurant business will be very bad, but the better the lot price is very high, although each operators are aware of the need to choose a good address to his restaurant, but do not know how to location. So, with a small series of these presentations, if you are a restaurant entrepreneur >

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