Oh dad Korean delicacy investment need how many money

whether it has been seen or not seen the Chinese people can say: Oh dad. This is the meaning of Uncle brother in korean. Today, of course, is not without reason to pull this with you, you want to know the following small series to be recommended is oh, Dad, Korean food brand.

in Korean cuisine delicacy type is quite much, you want to get a good profit and return it in such fierce competition, the inevitable choice of a good project is quite good. But now they introduced a delicacy in South Korea, obtained very good effect, oh dad, Korean cuisine. Strong popularity, many people eat.

how much does it cost?

now more and more Korean cuisine appeared in front of consumers, so that people do not have to go to the South can enjoy authentic Korean cuisine. Oh dad Korean cuisine since its founding has always insisted on bringing fresh and delicious authentic Korean food for the masses, become the object of popular delicacy lovers have sought, enjoys high popularity in the industry in. So how much does it cost to join the Korean cuisine?

join fee is as follows:

intention gold: 500 yuan (province), 1500 yuan (outside the province)

margin: 5000 yuan (when signing a payment)

join Gold: 5 to 150 thousand (signed off, signed for 5 years)

Korean cuisine is an important part of the service industry, with its large market, fast growth, wide influence and characteristics of employment ability and attract wide attention, but also an important carrier of national output capital, brand and culture. Based on the whole process of a tracking service, guidance, training, all the core raw materials the headquarters of the unified distribution or purchase, the whole operation standardization. The professional and technical personnel is a magic weapon of success, oh dad Korean cuisine has a complete set of training plan, let more people join Oh dad Korean cuisine, Korean cuisine. The company has perfect central kitchen and long-term cooperation in procurement channels, reduce procurement the cost and can ensure the quality of the dishes, is a very worthwhile to join the brand.

read the small series of the South Korean capital Oh dad delicacy, is interested in you to join the brand, if you have to join the idea, please message in our website below, we will arrange for staff to contact you after seeing the message.

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