23 Street women’s fashion dress a of agents

we all know that many consumers are very concerned about the details of the changes. 23 Street women’s advent, is impeccable choice. Small business choose to join the 23 Street women? High quality entrepreneurial projects, successful venture worthy of trust. Easy to learn to get started quickly, choose to join the 23 Street ladies?

Korean fashion women’s fashion to join the 23 Street women’s operating side – Hubei United States fashion dress Co., Ltd., is a large clothing company, the field of apparel design, garment production and other processes. The United States and the United States to help a large number of outstanding designers, professional dedication of the market team, it is they created a Korean fashion women’s fashion 23 Street women’s excellent quality. The United States companies operating in the 23 Street brand, with strong financial strength, reasonable price, good reputation and outstanding consumer marketing strategy, since 2010, the mainland market has to log in, almost legendary speed, in the mainland, the rapid expansion of China attack cities and capture territories not only in Shanghai, Wuhan, Chinese, Guangzhou and Fujian set up four processing and production, also established a global China (Seoul), South Korea and the United States (New York) as the core of the three R & D base. In sales, Han Chao joined 23 women’s fashion street unified by the factory direct way, the products directly from the manufacturer directly through the logistics sent to various stores across the country, to avoid the traditional multilayer wholesale links in the distribution, not only reduces the purchase cost of the franchise, and ensure the maximization of the franchisee profits.

23 Street women’s favorite by the girls, is the result of the integration of multi advantages. Because every pack of 23 Street dress is a classic, a button, a zipper, a jewelry, stitch can reveal women’s fashion brand to join Han Chao 23 street the unique spirit and charm, so also in the "momentum" has been completely beyond the other clothing. It can be said that with this trend, now joined the 23 Street women’s time.

meticulous dress, always very attractive. Small business choose to join the 23 Street women? Open their own 23 Street women’s shop, the market good business opportunities, entrepreneurship is no longer troubled! Easy to learn to get started quickly, headquarters to provide more support to join. Join the 23 Street ladies, what are you still hesitating?

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