2017 British Rover remember to cook their own

the first two days of work on the first day of what you eat? 2017 I eat my mother let me bring food, I remember the circle of friends have pictures of students eat instant noodles.

about this question

maybe most people’s answers are hidden in the phone


now takeaway platform everywhere

more and more people solve three meals a day by phone

open APP point gourmet came to the mouth

call records. There is a maximum number of

go by

a week to see is the largest number of go by face

point takeaway for office workers have long been accustomed to

is now becoming a way for many families to eat

"a room two meals four seasons"

was the scene of how many people pursue life

real scene is cold pot cold bowl cold stove

two men sat brush mobile phone grilled lunch

Chibian near takeaway

tasted the popularity list

which stores affordable which stores understand delicious

but the taste of home is more and more blurred


some people say

point takeaway just survival

cooking is life

only to fill the stomach

one is to enjoy the food

again delicious food

in the packing box

will also become dull tasteless

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