Teach you how to do the whole shop guaranteed analysis

food and beverage market brand turnover has been change dynasties, drama are staged, why do some catering brand management can obtain good operating income and some only a put up the shutters. Is not close to the point where everyone will not do even this is why operators come back? Xiao Bian think this may not do with the store before the break even analysis. The first breakeven analysis is an important task for you before investment, it can provide reference for your choice, many people do not take this step in front of the shop, this is not desirable, we list below some formula for reference:

1, the total monthly fee = monthly rent + monthly salary + monthly industrial and commercial tax +

+ monthly fee

note: do not shop investment account, because in the restaurant when trying to open the transfer, and some will turn, some will earn a fixed number, including fees and other expenses of health food, fuel costs in general entry cost.

2, the total cost of the total cost = /30 days

3, gross margin n price – cost price of × / 100%


note: the cost here includes seasoning, vegetable oil and fuel, which can also be used to calculate the cost and price of a dish.

4, monthly breakeven point sales = total monthly fee / gross margin, but also the daily sales of the breakeven point = daily cost / gross profit margin (or equal to the monthly breakeven point sales /30 days)

5, monthly gross margin = monthly sales total monthly total cost.

note: the total cost here is the monthly purchase amount minus the amount of inventory.

6, monthly profit = gross profit – total monthly expenses.

note: the profits here are not included in the amortization of the opening of the investment, for reasons.

note: through the guaranteed amount, as long as you can estimate each table about sales, you can calculate how much to sell a table to the capital, by the number of tables can be predicted to sell a new store can reach breakeven table number, which is the basic location prediction.

hope to shop the breakeven analysis can give you some help, if there is what other problems need to consult our shop please give us a message on our website below, see the message after the first time we will reply to you.

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