How children join what are the advantages of Mathematics

venture capital investment in the choice of the market, is a very wise choice to join the education market, the success of entrepreneurship is no longer a dream. How about how children math? Quality of the project, the first step to successful entrepreneurship. How to join children mathematics project, what are you waiting for? How children join mathematics has what advantage?

high-end project

high quality, high standard, high charge, high service, is a set of education system, which is a standardized system of appreciation education, situational education and EQ education

creative teaching

the first animation teaching model in the domestic education industry. Is to promote the domestic animation industry is also emerging as everyone knows the current state of the animation industry, the development of animation tutorial first to introduce and improve children in headquarters, let the children love from the boring boring teaching mode gradually integrated into the fantastic animation class, improve the grades of children’s creative

makes learning easier and more fun for math.

targeted teaching

based around the use of teaching materials, for the Beijing Normal University Press, PEP, Jiangsu "tailored" corresponding teaching materials. Differences in student performance, each version is equipped with an enhanced version, special edition version two. Series in each grade is divided into upper, middle and lower 3 volumes, each book has 16 special topics, each topic contains open the door to explore the space to show themselves, happy post, the four plates.

interesting teaching

easy to understand language, cartoon characters in the form of mathematical examples, games, consolidation exercises, so that interest throughout. And change the traditional mathematics pure blackboard writing on a single rigid form, PPT coverage, it put the sound, sudden thorn ang, animation and other information, integrated, so that students learn more initiative and enthusiasm.

appreciation teaching

from the reality, in the teaching process, so that "appreciation education" runs through the course, y respect the students’ subjective thinking, and strongly encourage students’ creative thinking. Students are really able to be recognized on the basis of doing live learning, flexible use of

experiential teaching

how children mathematics in the curriculum, to "Guide – Award – – practice" as the main line, runs through every classroom. Let the students in the hands-on experience, so that children in the game deep understanding of the core ideas of knowledge points, >

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