How much money is needed Roast Chicken investment Ganoderma

small home before opening the Roasted Duck stores, business is very good, but because of some personal reasons out of business, but Roasted Duck cooked food franchise market is definitely an unexpected unpopular scene, the market demand of you could imagine. So open a cooked food franchise must be a good choice. Here for you to recommend small Weifang Ganoderma lucidum roast chicken.

Weifang Ganoderma Roast Chicken headquarters is located in Weifang District of Kuiwei City People’s livelihood Street, this shop in the Weifang area has eight years of history, popular in Weifang people’s love, is to produce a variety of Roast Chicken Roasted Duck, halogen products and cooked food specialized in the field of enterprise.

how much does it cost to invest in glossy ganoderma chicken?

Corporation has registered " in 1998; Ganoderma lucidum " trademark. After many years of roast chicken roast duck, summed up a set of traditional Beijing roast chicken technology, combined with the modern roast duck formula. The technology is easy to operate, simple equipment, roast chicken roast duck to maintain the original flavor, crisp and fragrant skin, not greasy.

Roast Chicken ganoderma with unique unique fragrance taste, pickling process plus the mysterious artificial Ganoderma lucidum five spice powder invention patents, won China invention patent in 2002. In August 1999, China Patent Office hosted the eighth patent Expo won the national patent gold medal!

sesame chicken sauce color red, attractive aroma, taste of coke in the outside of the tender, into the meat, incense into the heart, the entrance of the odd incense overflowing, memorable. Famous performing artists such as Zhao Benshan and Wei Fan have tasted the taste of Ganoderma lucidum roasted chicken, praise it. After twenty years of efforts, Beijing has now become China’s famous brand of Ganoderma lucidum, many of the chain stores and supermarket counters to create a miracle. The product successy entered the world’s largest supermarket WAL-MART, RT mart and other large supermarket chains, taiyuan.

Ganoderma lucidum chicken how much to join the cost of investment in the amount of Ganoderma lucidum chicken in 100 thousand ~20 wan. Baked chicken

1, the exclusive right to buy a lifetime, no need to worry about competition in the region, an investment, life-long benefit.

2, enjoy the right of monopoly and management in the area of license agent.

3, allow exclusive agents to develop their own cooperative stores, collect fees to exclusive agents, including cooperation fees, margin and management fees.

4, who won the regional exclusive rights to the partners, at the same time a lifetime Beijing dry pot duck Hot pot regional exclusive agent.

5, regional exclusive agent, the right to represent Beijing >

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