The Spring Festival is not out of congestion in Guangzhou low cost such as the opening of the new ro

migrant workers we often need to spend a lot of time on the car, if you encounter the situation is even more difficult to imagine spending time! In February 3rd the 7th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar, the first working day after the Spring Festival holiday, Spring Festival in twenty-second days. At present, the Spring Festival has entered the return peak, multiple direction passenger flow increased significantly. Nine yuan aviation announced today, will be officially opened in Dalian on the first day of this month, Guangzhou = Wuxi = low cost of new routes, plus the opening of Guangzhou = Harbin direct flights, air travel nine yuan to help people travel.

Relevant responsible person told the reporter

, although during the Spring Festival, each big airline ticket prices have greatly increased, for the promotion of new routes, even Guangzhou and Dalian during the Spring Festival so difficult to get a ticket hot line, nine yuan aviation also ready to put the big move in the price, not only all the new routes ticket prices than the market price of similar low 20-45%, from today (3 days) to start will be launched every 9 will promote "grab 199, 299 yuan special offer tickets, the specific time to grab votes is 21:00 tonight, passengers can focus on nine yuan aviation WeChat and the APP to participate in activities to grab votes. Nine yuan airlines all new routes originating in Guangzhou are involved in the Spring Festival Promotion activities.

it is understood that the new route by the new Boeing 737-800 aircraft to fly. New Guangzhou = Wuxi route every Thursday, six fly, traditional airline ticket prices of similar products from 560 to 990 yuan, nine yuan of airline ticket only 359 yuan, by focusing on its WeChat and APP can also download 21:00 invested 199 yuan to grab tonight special offer ticket.

specific flight information: flight AQ1023 from Guangzhou, Baiyun International Airport Departure time of 06:15, arrived in Wuxi South of Jiangsu Shuofang International Airport time is 08:50. Return AQ1024, departure time from Wuxi to 22:55, 01:25 arrived in Guangzhou. Super low ticket prices, moderate flight time, Guangzhou people can enjoy all the way to the Wuxi Turtle Head Islet in Taihu, a landscape of lakes and mountains, enjoy the garden, Liyuan, Changguangxi, Kaiyuan temple, Taihu, Wu Lu Xiandao City, Gonghu Bay Wetland Park, Lingshan 20 high quality scenic spots. And Wuxi from another hot tourist city of Shanghai to ride a motor car just 1 hours, if the passengers want to fly from Guangzhou to Wuxi to play and then take a motor car to Shanghai is also very convenient.

= Wuxi = Dalian new route every Thursday, six to fly, on the same day, from the new Boeing 737-800 aircraft to fly, special fares from $299 up. Specific flight information: flight AQ1037 from Guangzhou, Baiyun International Airport Departure time of 06:15, arrived in Wuxi South of Jiangsu Shuofang International Airport for 08:50, stopping after 40 minutes, 09:30 took off from Wuxi, arrived at Dalian International Airport is recommended

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