Chinese innovation contest perfect close 11 projects in Qingdao and won the Excellence Award Netwo

when the economy develops to a certain stage, how to break through the bottleneck of economic development? Innovation and entrepreneurship has become the fundamental driving force for development. Reporters from the Qingdao Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the day before, by the Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of finance, the Ministry of education and the National Association of industry and Commerce jointly held the fifth session of the Chinese innovation contest perfect close, won the award in the 9 science and technology enterprises recommended by the Qingdao Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and 2 entrepreneurial team, winning rate of up to 52.3% the previous record high.

The fifth

China innovation contest Qingdao Division [] and "sails exchange" the third session of the Qingdao municipal innovation contest, which lasted six months, a total of 293 small and medium-sized enterprises and from the United States, Canada, Taiwan, Shenzhen and other places in our city and 188 entrepreneurial teams entered the competition, the participating companies and teams, an increase of 194% 280%.

through the article above we can see that China’s innovation and entrepreneurship competition perfect closing, Qingdao 11 projects to get an excellent award for the achievements of Qingdao is very worthy of recognition! The project of Qingdao city from the fifth Chinese innovation contest Qingdao Division [] and "thousand sinks" third Qingdao innovation and entrepreneurship contest winners, recommended 17 companies and 4 team on behalf of Qingdao city in the national finals, of which 11 enterprises and team awards, winning companies will receive state financial support.

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