How to ensure the safety of vaccination in Putian the baby died after vaccination of all

vaccination is common in children when they are young, but have you ever seen a vaccine killed? Six days ago, just after the moon baby boy Hao (nickname) in the Chengxiang District Hospital of Putian vaccination of hepatitis B vaccine, home crying. The next morning, the family found a small big nose out of a large pool of blood, limbs have become stiff, sent to hospital after being told that the child has died two or three hours. The family said the child was born after the body does not have a disease, suspected of a child’s death and the day before inoculation of the vaccine.

reporter learned that someone’s vaccine for the production of Shenzhen Kangtai, Chengxiang district hospital has sealed the same batch of vaccines. The family agreed to an autopsy, the results will come within 45 working days after the. Currently, the local health plan, disease control, food and Drug Administration and other departments have been involved in this matter.

family: children without disease vaccine crying badly

it is understood that the father of small Hao Yang is Xianyou, 25 years old, in Putian city shop, the family rented in Chengxiang district. His wife have children caesarean section at Putian maternity hospital in November 29th, this is their first child. Little Hao was born on the same day, the first time in Putian maternity hospital vaccination of hepatitis B vaccine. Yesterday, Mr. Yang told reporters, the morning of December 30th 9, he took the children to the hospital of Chengxiang for the second time after inoculation of hepatitis B vaccine, the morning queuing checked in the afternoon, the child was inoculated with hepatitis B vaccine.

Yang said that after the child vaccinated, observed in the hospital for half an hour, was not found abnormal, went back. "In the afternoon and the evening the children cry." Mr. Yang said, after the night of the child to sleep, originally at midnight will wake up two or three times the child did not wake up, more than 6 at 31 in the morning, my grandmother found the child’s nose out of a large pool of blood, even the quilt is blood, and the child has no reaction, the limbs become stiff. After the child was sent to the Putian First Hospital, the doctor told them that the child had been dead for two or three hours.

Yang said that after the birth of the child is not a disease, suspected of child death and vaccination related. Before the child weighed 5.3 kilograms before vaccination, and in the day of the death of the child, the family took the child’s body once again came to the hospital in Chengxiang District, said the weight, the results of a total of about 4.4 kg, a difference of nearly 1 kg. The child is called the families that weight, so at the time of vaccination with more dosage.

family in Fujian province to provide children’s vaccination certificate, the reporter found in the vaccination records, the boy was inoculated on the day of the incident is the production of hepatitis B vaccine in Shenzhen, C201511077 batch.

hospital: the same batch of vaccines have been vaccinated 189 recommended

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